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We believe that the raw material is of the highest importance when creating the perfect product. That’s why we have travelled all over the USA to partner with the best of the best in the Hemp Farming Industry. All our Hemp is organically grown in the USA. We also have an Organic & GMP Certified Facility and our main goal is to give the best and most effective form of CBD to all our customers.              



Our chemist/scientist has over 30 years of experience extracting different forms of vitamins, health products and CBD. We have developed a new proprietary formulation and extraction process called “Organic Scientific”.
Our technology allows us to have a unique and improved extraction process compared to all other extraction methods (CO2, Ethanol, Butane, etc.) currently found on the market. This allows the bioavailability of our Full Spectrum CBD to be 100% superior to the rest of the CBD found on the market today.
Our Full-Spectrum extraction is the only viable option when wanting to preserve and extract the valuable terpenes and other beneficial compounds of the plant. With other more common extraction methods, these cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBCV, etc.), terpenoids, amino acids, and essential oils are often lost despite having huge health related benefits.

Final product


We introduce products when we feel they meet our strict principles of quality, transparency, and efficacy. We will never claim to have the wildest assortment; others can stock thousands of products. Our curated selections allows us to be deliberate with regards to scientific backing and ingredient supply chain. It allows us to ensure all of our products are properly tested and verified.

How we evaluate products

Scientific research is nuanced and dynamic. We recognize this by classifying each product
based upon a review of existing research. Our evaluation criteria includes the number of
studies, consistency of results, magnitude of results, and methodology characteristics.
Natural Ingredients
Organic Hemp
Experience the purest sources of cannabinoids, antioxidants, and neuroprotectants
that help protect and rebalance your body’s central nervous system.


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